In 1930

  • our hotel was constructed as a multi-purpose agricultural building by the Farmer Bloberger.

In 1958

  • Katharina and Alois Nußbaumer married and took on the farm. As well as dairy farming, in these years, peat cutting was a very important source of income.

In 1973

  • Katharina Nußbaumer, who was at that time already widowed, extended the farm, adding 4 guest rooms – “Holiday on the farm”. The foundation stone for today's hotel was laid.

In 1985

  • Inge, 2nd daughter of Katharina Nußbaumer, and Willy Keuschnigg marry

In 1989

  • Inge and Willy Keuschnigg take over the hotel and upgrade it to a small guesthouse with 10 rooms. The farm was closed and Inge´s sister, Hilde Nußbaumer, took over, and even today farms in Wals, around 5km from the BLOBERGER HOF.

Between 1997-2000

  • The hotel was completely renovated and extended to 20 rooms. The beginning of the business as it is today.

In 2001

  • Daughter Sylvia graduated successfully from the Tourist School in Kleßheim and is now hard at work in her parents’ business.

In 2003

  • Our B&B operation was upgraded for our guests to include a restaurant and as a consequence became a hotel. Since that year with Robert, at that time still Sylvia's boyfriend, was a part of the family and strived to cater for the guests’ physical wellbeing.

In 2005

  • The hotel was extended to include 3 comfortable Junior suites.

In 2007

  • our ‘Zirbenstüberl’ came into being.

In 2009

  • 25. April – Sylvia Keuschnigg and Robert Santner were maried

In 2010

  • 21. April our little sunshine "Markus - Willy" was born

In 2011

  • The 1. birthday of our "Markus - Willy"
  • Our old farmhouse parlor is refurbished
  • Our youngest family member "Snoopy"

In 2012

  • The court relies on Bloberger environmentally conscious alternative sun energy sources. Our new "solar system".
  • new rooms
  • The first musical experiments of our "Markus Willy", "Snoopy" the first fan.
  • Our grandmother died on 05.06.2012 after a long serious illness.
  • 26.06.2012 our second sun "Lukas - Alois" came into the world

In 2013

  • "Markus - Willy" the musician
  • "Lukas - Alois" the racer

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Let's be honest! Our passion is called hospitality. Where the guest is seen in the truest sense of the word as a friend. Let yourself be pampered by our love for the guests and the enjoyment of what we do. Feel this energy in the personal service at all levels - consciously or unconsciously. But you see for yourself ...

We look forward to you.
Your family Keuschnigg-Santner