3 star Hotel Bloberger Hof
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Life is vibrant. The weather? Whatever. And the 'music of life' is always here in the air with us

We are delighted that you want to enjoy the BLOBERGER HOF with us! So, are you looking for a lovely, cosy place to stay in Salzburg? Well, you are in the right place with us here in the Bloberger Hof. Why here? Well that’s quite simple – the food tastes great, there is wine and higher proof beverages too. Allegedly, grandpa has the best Swiss pine schnapps in the country. But come and see for yourself!

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Every moment is unique. Every moment counts.

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The best thing since 1930...

Keuschnigg Buam

After all, music inspires.


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A city hotel

set in lush surroundings


A holiday in the verdant surroundings of Salzburg

It is not just the museums and the various exhibits in the centre of Salzburg, the impressive churches and the cathedral, along with the motley activities on the streets that provide variety and inspiration. The little things are inspiring too. A leisurely coffee in the sunshine or a stroll through the blossoms in the landscape all about and enjoying the fresh air. First thing in the morning you can hear the tweeting of the birds and the whoosh of the treetops. Leave the daily grind behind and take a deep breath - in the Hotel Bloberger Hof in Salzburg that is something which is quite easy to do.