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The best thing since 1930...

Tranquil, yet so full of life. Views into the distance and close to your heart. The history of the Bloberger Hof. How it all began... from farm to 3 star hotel.

1930 - "Bloberger -Bauer"

our hotel was built as a retirement home for farmers by "Bloberger-Bauer".

1973 - Extended to provide rooms for guests

already widowed at the time, Katharina Nuszligbaumer extended the farm, adding 4 guest rooms and providing a place to enjoy a holiday on the farm. The foundation stone for today's hotel was laid.

1989 - Restructuring

Inge and Willy Keuschnigg took over the hotel and turned it into a small guesthouse with 10 rooms. They left the farm and it was taken on by Inge's sister, Hilde Nussbaumer, and is still being run today, some 5km from the Hotel Bloberger Hof, in Wals.

1997-2000 - Upgrading & Renovation

the hotel was completely upgraded and expanded to create 20 rooms. The business as it is today came about.

2001 - Expansion of the family team

Daughter Sylvia successfully completed her studies at the tourism school in Kleßheim and is now hard at work in the parental business.

2003 - Delcious food is added to ensure an enjoyable stay

our bed and breakfast provision for our hotel guests was enhanced by the restaurant. From this year, Robert, at that time Sylvia's boyfriend, ensured that guests were well fed and became an important part of the family.

2005 - An even more pleasure-filled stay

The hotel is expanded to provide 3 comfortable Junior Suites.

2007 - Swiss pine snug

Our Swiss pine snug came about.

2009 - Wedding of Sylvia and Robert Santner

25th April - another joyous day for all the family: the wedding of Sylvia and Robert Santner.