Rooms & Prices

Intuition & joie de vivre

A place which promises a feeling of well-being like that you enjoy at home. Pleasure which reveals itself in the moment. One after another.

Throughout the hotel and restaurant in the Bloberger Hof you can see the attention to detail. All in all, in the tasteful decorations, the country-house style and in the exquisite decoration, well thought-out to the smallest detail, from the rooms to the table covers. Enjoy this cosy ambience and relax. Enjoy your holiday in verdant surroundings, in the city of Salzburg.

Feel as great as you would at home, just better

The well-being ambience in the 3-star Hotel Bloberger Hof is the basis of your hassle-free holiday in Salzburg. The optimum location on the outskirts of the city with views to the lush surroundings and the birds tweeting ensure an optimum balance of adventure and tranquillity. Enjoy the superb views, tranquil moments and interesting entertainment in a very special city - Salzburg.

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