Rooms & Suites

Get here & feel great

Lovely details coupled with discreet luxury pamper you from the moment you wake up until you get cosy and fall asleep.

Not forgetting: the pillows in our romantic four-poster bed give you a very special caress; choose your favourite from our selection of rooms, enjoy relaxing nights and replenish your energy stores to enjoy another day in Salzburg.

Our cosy rooms offer you an ambience of comfort and well-being. The traditional design meets contemporary facilities. This means you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Some rooms have a balcony, so you can enjoy the natural surrounding to the full from your room too.

Take a deep breath and enjoy a relaxing holiday

Plenty is for the most part as standard here. That is why a holiday should be removed from the mundane. Time for things which we do not otherwise take the time for. Time to pause, take a deep breath, look around and just enjoy yourself. In a perfect holiday, a little less is 'happening' here: less hectic pace, less speed and less noise. all the more freedom, pleasure and time for new, nice things.

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